Masks for the Community

It looks like community masks are going to be the new normal in a world with COVID-19. Everywhere in the world homemade masks have become part of the individual’s toolbox against the spread of the virus, along with antibacterial soap and disinfectant 🧼💨🦠

One of the challenges in our neighbourhood is a lack of access to masks, as well as inadequate information on how to wear them and why.

We want to assure that everyone, big and small, in the community has access to at least one mask and knows what to do with it. Since we have such great skills within our Timbuktu in the Valley family with mothers whose expertise lies in sewing but who are forced to stay at home during the lockdown, we connected them with Masks4Good, who recruited them to make community masks.

This allows the women to keep generating an income for their families in these dire times and be active in the fight against the spread of the virus.

The material comes from collecting offcuts and fabric, as well as supplies provided by Kathy Berman, the founder of Masks4Good, who has joined the community in the Valley and become a regular participant in the soup kitchen.

Making masks, staying active, doing good. This is at least at something to keep the young community stimulated during the time at home. Some of our children have also gotten involved in the making, keeping the spirit of Timbuktu in the Valley Learning Space up, even in times of 🦠.

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