About the Valley

In the heart of Lorentzville, a neighborhood plagued by severe waste management issues and lacking central waste collection, Timbuktu in the Valley strives to make a difference. The older generation’s habits, passed on to the children, have resulted in an alarming lack of awareness about the environmental impact of trash.

Victoria Yards, a vibrant urban development just east of Johannesburg’s inner city, stands in stark contrast to the impoverished surrounding neighborhoods. Originally an industrial area, it has been revitalized into a creative hub attracting local and international artists, craftsmen, and professionals. However, Lorentzville, Bertrams, Bez Valley, and neighboring areas suffer from low-income levels, high unemployment rates, and prevalent crime. The challenges faced by the community deeply impact the lives of its youth. Littering and the absence of public bins contribute to a general lack of cleanliness, further worsening the situation.

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The financial prosperity within the gated and secure premises of Victoria Yards raises concerns about potential gentrification. As more tenants from the city move in, rent and property prices soar, creating a widening gap between the development and the surrounding community. Timbuktu in the Valley was established to bridge this gap by imparting knowledge and skills to the young people in need.

The youth faces challenges from birth, with parents struggling, no safe public spaces, and inadequate services. In contrast, Victoria Yards is a wealthy, secure development. Without intervention, the gap between the new development and the surrounding community will widen, perpetuating exclusivity.