We welcome you to the following information about our organization.

We as an organization are committed to full transparency and as such meet the requirements of the “Transparent Civil Society Initiative” of Transparency International Deutschland e.V.. 

If you require clarity or have any questions about the following, please feel free to contact us at any time

1. Name, registered office, address and year of becoming.


Timbuktu in the Valley Germany e.V.

Virchowstrasse 15

90409 Nuremberg


Contact person: Marc Rensing

Contact: [email protected]


Timbuktu in the Valley

Bldg 7J, Victoria Yards

16 Viljoen St


Johannesburg 2094

South Africa

Contact person: Victoria Schneider

Contact: [email protected]

 Year founded: 2019

2. Complete statutes and information on organizational goals


Our statutes can be viewed here


Timbuktu in the Valley in South Africa is a learning center registered as a non-profit organization. We aim to impart knowledge gathered through different systems of education in the belief that the youth in our care are capable of breaking their own barriers  when effectively supported. One way we achieve this is through freedom of education, one that is independent of the national curriculum as a result of various socio-political disadvantages. Our focus is on healthy nutrition, sustainable action and supporting children in the areas of art, crafts and sport.


Timbuktu in the Valley Deutschland e.V. serves as a representation and connection to Europe in order to establish and maintain relationships with sponsors and to recruit association members who are committed to TitV. 100% of the funding collected by the association benefits the NPO.


Our work is dedicated to education within development co-operation in civil society.

3. Information on tax relief

We are registered with the Nuremberg Central Tax Office with the tax number 241/111/01015 and are exempt from corporate tax there through the last exemption notice we received on 27 November 2021 through our work for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 5 Paragraph 1 KStG and Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade tax law exempt from trade tax. We are authorized to issue donation receipts. The assessment period is annual and the tax relief was reconfirmed in the last assessment period in 2022.

4. Name and function of key decision makers

Board of Timbuktu in the Valley Deutschland e.V.

Marc Rensing – Managing Director

Victoria Schneider – Representative for Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa

Christina Schneider – Treasurer


Committee members Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa

Victoria Schneider – Managing Director TitV and member of the committee

Robyn Clark – Committee member

Brian Green – Committee member

Lassie Ndalela – Member of the Committee

Rethabile Mathabathe – Committee member

Deyana Delphine Thomas – Committee member

Decisions of the committee can be made with a simple majority.

5. Activity report

Can be viewed here

6. Personnel structure

See 4. In addition:

Timbuktu in the Valley Germany e.V.

One person part-time

Three volunteers

Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa

Twelve full-time employees

A fee-based employee

Four volunteers

7. Information on the source of funds

The summary of the source of funds can be found at the following link:

Timbuktu in the Valley Germany e.V.

8. Information on the use of funds

Since our organization collects donations in Germany and Europe, however works in South Africa and has to report to the authorities there, our progress reports are written in English. If you encounter any confusion while reading or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Timbuktu in the Valley Germany e.V. in Germany has the following annual costs:


Bank fees: €124

Fees for two freelance employees: €12,000

100% of the remaining income from Germany is transferred to South Africa to finance Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa.

9. Corporate law connection


Timbuktu in the Valley Deutschland e.V. collects donations, which are passed on entirely to Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa. There are no other external connections.

10. Names of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget

Please send an individual, reasoned request as this data will not be shared publicly for privacy reasons, but can be provided at any time upon request.


In general, we receive annually around €4000 from one donor, €2000 from another one and €1000 respectively from two others. Other than those we get a number of other smaller donations either by bank transfer or via Facebook. All in all we receive annually from private donors:

2019 – €430

2020 – €12308

2021 – €10435

2022 – €15826

In addition, there are organisations that donate directly to Timbuktu in the Valley South Africa. Those are mentioned and regularly updated on our website www.timbuktuinthevalley.org at the bottom in the section named “partners”.

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