Safe learning in times of COVID-19

Gone are the times of being stuck inside the houses and not being allowed to do anything! After implementing strict and very coordinated hygiene protocols, we were able to start a safe learning initiative for our community of children in order to provide some constructive stimulation during the lockdown.

Our team was joined by Gina Bennett, a teacher and au-pair, who started teaching informally during the regular soup kitchens at Victoria Yards. While kids were queuing she gave them purposeful activities.

Realising the potential of learning during lockdown – don’t forget we had been struggling with online learning due to the severe lack of access to electronic devices and internet – we were successful in finding a solution with Victoria Yards to use the open space facilities and host safe learning sessions twice a week. Gina and her team come in and do academic work with the children from Timbuktu in the Valley and the wider community, and our performance instructor Lassie Ndalela does physical acitivities and relief.

We do mindfulness and meditation sessions in the garden to start the day for better attentiveness and more focused minds.

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