At Timbuktu in the Valley, we love bicycles. It all started when 10-year-old Joakim Basola asked us to fix his bike when we realized there’s a need for a space where young people can learn, grow, and be themselves.

Bicycles are an amazing tool to promote the values Timbuktu in the Valley has grown to stand for:

  • Independence and autonomy
  • Environmental awareness and well-being
  • Patience, perseverance and respect 
  • Togetherness and social cohesion
  • Access to education and work opportunities
  • Economic empowerment

Help us as we ride towards a brighter future, one pedal at a time.


Our Bicycle Program

Explore all aspects!

Bicycle Repair Workshop

Through the workshop young people are given autonomy to fix their bikes themselves.

Road Safety

We teach young people how to cycle, and lend equipment to young cyclers.


Donated bicycles get repaired by a young person and can be purchased at a competitive price.